combining powerful project management tech with an easy to use, Hassle Free user dashboard

The KnowMyBuild App lets you be more confident that your are in control of your renovation project. Home owners or clients will be able to manage and keep track of the budget, progress and quality of the work, and will:

Know the project plan and agreed budget
Know what has been paid and what remains to be paid
Chat with your tradesperson for real time, speedy responses to questions
Know ongoing renovation progress and home improvement status all the way to completion
Project files plan updates and image references. All in one place.

Get and share project progress with video, image and audio updates,
as well as chat communication

Project Management for HOME OWNERS, Home Builders, Contractors, Building Companies and Tradespeople

Whether you are managing your own home renovation, owner building or own a building company, are a sole trader or a project manager – KnowMyBuild helps you keep control of your projects with ease.


KnowMyBuild allows home builders, contractors, tradesman and renovation companies to:

Design an easy to follow project management plan to maintain productivity and quality control.
Confirm and monitor the renovation budget, and keep track of payments
Avoid delays by chatting to clients and getting real time, speedy answers to questions
Easily share visual progress with clients
Keep track of communications and avoid awkward ‘you said I said’ situations.
KnowMyBuild allows you to:
KnowMyBuild is the perfect app for homeowners and building companies who want a more confident and ‘peace of mind’ renovation experience:
Self-build homeowners who need to manage the work of a specialist contractor (builder, chippy, or sparky….)

Contractors, builders or tradesmen who need a little extra help with project management and communication.

Home building companies, Home improvement companies, or home remodelling contractors who need some hassle-free project management software.

Any homeowner, builder, contractor and tradesperson who wants to keep their records in one place for easy reference

the knowmybuild app is free to use and download –
Only pay when you’d like to access the power of instant communication with the team
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