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Benefits Of Construction Management Software

Benefits of construction management software

As a small business operator that’s on the road a lot, managing a few jobs on the go can be challenging. With suppliers, trades and clients to communicate with and coordinate there’s a paper trail a mile long. Flicking between emails, messages, invoicing software and plans is frustrating, difficult to keep track of and wastes time. 

However, the right construction management software can change all that. 

The problem with most construction job management software is that it’s too complicated. There are too many features you don’t need, it takes forever to set up and you can’t use it to communicate with your team and with clients. 

Our industry research indicates that the perfect construction management software assists in keeping everything you need in one place. Including plans, invoices, images, and communication between your trades and your clients. 

The benefits of great software include having each of the following, all in one place for each job:

  • Storing all documents and images, and access on the go
  • Knowing what payments are paid, due and upcoming
  • Keeping track of job progress 
  • Communicating with trades
  • Communicating with clients


Storing all documents and images

Being able to take images and upload them to one central platform, by job, changes the game. As a builder, you can visually communicate progress to the client. As an employer, you can keep track of your trades work by requiring your subcontractors to regularly take and upload images. 

Everything you need for each job can be on one platform. The best part is, it’s on your phone so you can access it on the go. No more having to boot up the computer to check on progress. It’s easy and accessible as an app.


Knowing what payments are paid, due and upcoming

Great construction management software breaks down projects into milestones and assigns payments as relevant. This way both you and the client are clear on the expectations and status of payments. Having a prominently displayed budget attached to due dates assists in ensuring you and your team get paid on time. 


Keeping track of job progress 

Of course, project management software wouldn’t be effective without keeping track of job progress. By allocating dates to each stage of the project, you, your team and the client are all aware of the expected timeline, and any changes that occur in real time. 


Communicating with trades and clients

Construction management software doesn’t usually incorporate the ability to communicate and collaborate with trades and clients. However, this is a key feature of the knowmybuild app, and the ultimate benefit of this software. 

Being able to organise everything by client and job instead of by person in email, ensures that the information you need for each project is easily accessible at all times. No more searching through hundreds of emails to find what you need, it’s all in one place and visible to everyone on the team. 

The knowmybuild app has streamlined sophisticated project management software and brought this to the construction industry. No longer do builders, trades and clients have to choose between analog or complex methods of job management. Knowmybuild provides a solution that’s affordable, easy to use and centred around collaboration.


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