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Construction Job Management Software With Everything In One Place

Construction job management software – with everything in one place


One of the biggest challenges to running a small building company or trade business is the paperwork and information management.

There’s quoting and invoicing, plans and communication, job sheets and receipts and timesheets, as well as communication with suppliers and contractors and clients and staff. It can be difficult and time consuming to sift through, communicate on to other parties and move the job forward efficiently. 

Information is also usually spread over a variety of channels. Paper based, on a computer, in the cloud, email, phone notes, messenger, What’s App, or via phone call. It can be overwhelming for all parties (the builder, the trades and the client) to say the least.

This overwhelm was the driving force behind the creation of the knowmybuild app. 

With home renovation / building project information spread thin across multiple channels, communication is inefficient or even inaccurate. 

Job management software in other industries has long assisted project managers in the tracking of milestones and management of information and communication. 

In construction however, easy to use project management software has been incomplete, inappropriate, too highly sophisticated and difficult to use, or entirely non-existent. 

The knowmybuild app finally fills the gap, and solves the problems that tradies, home builders, clients and others in the construction industry have long experienced. The solution is efficient communication, simple and user friendly tracking tools, and a place to store all job information where all relevant parties have access. 

No longer do clients have to filter through emails and texts to find information. Home builders and trades can use their phone while they’re on the job site to take notes, as well as send images and details to the client. Additionally, having budgets, invoice details and job timelines in the same place streamlines communication. 

Project management software doesn’t have to be complicated and difficult to use. In fact, well designed job management programs are simple yet powerful. Good software makes your job easier. It collates data and uses visual presentation and automation to remove steps in the process and show the most important data when and where you need it. The knowmybuild app is no different. 

The knowmybuild app provides one central location for all information and communication for the construction project. As well as being the one place for details on the job for the home builder and between trades, it also allows for instant communication with clients. No more confusion around budgets, timelines, payments and approval. The details of the project are easily accessible by each party involved. 

With improved information flow, everyone involved in the project wins. Clients are happy because they can see up to date progress on their construction project, new home build or renovation. Home builders and trades save time and get paid efficiently not having to guess where the relevant information is, and not having to resend invoice reminders etc. Trades and sub-contractors have access to the current details and progress and can therefore allocate their time and staff accordingly.

The knowmybuild app is the simple solution to the headache of running a small home building or trade business. For a small fee per project, the builder, trades and client have access to timely information regarding the project, saving time and money for all involved. 

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