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Construction Project Management During Isolation

Construction Project Management During Isolation

With many things coming to a halt as people are social distancing and in isolation, it is easy to see how project timelines are pushed out, communication is lacking and payments completely forgotten about. 

But for homeowners, their home build or renovation is never far from their mind, and without being able to ask their builders or trades people questions face to face, many have been turning to emails and phone calls to chat about their projects. 

How to Stay in Touch While Social Distancing

If you’ve been doing the right thing and social distancing over the last few months, you’ve probably thought of other ways to stay in touch with homeowners, builders, and tradespeople. And there are plenty of ways to keep in touch. 

As mentioned above, there are the more traditional methods of phone calls and email. But while these are great communication tools, phone calls and discussions over the phone can get forgotten, emails and texts can be deleted and sometimes they don’t even turn up at all. 

It’s is easy for communication and requests to be lost or misunderstood, which in the long run could cause some pretty costly and time consuming mistakes. 

Whether you’re a builder, homeowner or tradesperson, the best way to keep in touch with each other on a project build is via simple, powerful tech that brings all the pieces together.  This is where the knowmybuild app fills the gap. 

Other planning and communication options can be good, they do all have their own little downfalls that you often won’t notice until you are using them and in the middle of something important. They all fall short of the power of having everything in one place, on your phone and in your pocket. 

This is the power of the knowmybuild app, especially now.

There’s no need to worry about social distancing. Your team can share images, video, plans, progress and more – straight from site so you don’t have to be there. With everything in one place, you’ll feel more in control of the entire process. 

With knowmybuild you have the ability to set up each project you are working on individually, you can invite other relevant parties to the project via the app, send contracts and invoices, exchange information and chat in real time. 

One of the best aspects of a construction project management app like Know My Build, is that you can access the information wherever you are, even from isolation. This means you can keep track of information sent via the app, documents, plans and invoices can be sent directly, and you can see and send messages instantly. 

Know My Build works for sole traders, home builders, homeowners, builders and a variety of tradespeople across all industries, allowing you to stay on top of your construction project throughout this period of isolation and social distancing. 

Don’t let your construction project fall behind. Utilise one of the most popular construction management apps on the market, stay in control and keep your home build or renovation on track. 

Download the knowmybuild app for free today.