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Home Builders: Boost Your Business in 2020

Home Builders: Boost Your Business in 2020

Did you spend 2019 working on the admin and operational side of your business rather than going out and getting more work to bring in income? There is absolutely no doubt that the administration side of any business can get time consuming; between your BAS and tax, invoicing, reporting, paying bills, drumming up new business and so on, it’s often a wonder business owners are left with much time in the day.

However, there are ways you can streamline your administration work that frees up time for you to go work on building your business, rather than working to keep up with everything.

Discard the Paperwork

One of the biggest things many home builder businesses struggle with is the sheer amount of paper and paperwork used for every job – everything from contracts and plans to invoicing and reports generally tend to be printed out. This paper builds up, filing doesn’t get done, you can’t find those plans you really need, and you’ve got no idea if a client has paid their latest invoice or not.

It is important to look at a few factors when deciding whether to cull your paperwork:

  • What information do you put on this paperwork and is it needed?
  • What information do you use the paperwork for and is it needed?
  • Can the amount of paperwork be downsized and placed onto a document management system?

Stop those Repetitive Tasks

Another area that takes up a lot of time is repetitive tasks. How many programs do you use to keep track of conversations with clients – your phone, email, your project management system, perhaps even a diary? Could you combine this information into one system?

Many business owners spend hours sending invoice reminders and payment reminders, and within the building trade, you’ll likely be sending reminders that invoices are coming up to their due date. Automating or downsizing the amount of time this process can take, could see you spending more time building your business.

Look at your workflow to see where you can automate your processes.

Utilise Technology

With so many options to utilise technology within your home building business, it would be amiss not to consider your options. Using collaboration software gives you the opportunity to converse and plan with those working on your current project anywhere and anytime.

Imagine having your invoice reminders automated, conversations recorded and easily recalled, or your project timeline always at hand.

Project management is extremely important when it comes to staying on top of your on-going and upcoming projects, and you really don’t want to be drowning in paperwork and missing deadlines. The knowmybuild app allows you to converse with homeowners and other tradespeople quickly and easily.

With the app, you can get rid of your paper-based project timelines, budgets, payment reminders, and noting conversations with your clients and tradespeople in different systems. It is a one-stop-shop that allows you to minimise the time spent working on administrative tasks in your business, giving you the time you need to work on growing your business.

To download the app free now, click here.