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How to Get Your Tradie Admin Under Control

How to Get Your Tradie Admin Under Control

When you run a home building business, or you work in the industry, pulling all your admin together in one place can be a daunting task, particularly if you are used to having everything on paper.

But there are plenty of benefits to using cloud-based systems in combination with a project management app like knowmybuild. Between these two options, you can create, store, and share files and images with tradespeople and your clients.

If you’ve never used a cloud-based system and project management app before in your business, it may be a little difficult to envision how it might all come together. We’ve looked at how you could utilise these two functions to provide for better support and better administration control in your business.

Cloud File Storage

Do you have files everywhere on your computer with absolutely no idea of what half of them are? Perhaps you’ve been out at a client’s property and realised you’ve forgotten an essential plan of their project. Cloud-based storage not only tends to allow you to store more documents than you have space for on your computer, but you can access them from pretty much anywhere you can get internet access.

Even if you aren’t tech savvy when it comes to computers, it is easy to save and find documents on cloud-based systems like Google Docs or One Drive.

Working Mobile

When you run a home building business there is every chance you don’t spend a lot of time in the office. You might be writing invoices or quotes in your car during a quick lunch stop or contacting tradespeople and clients when you finish at one job. Using a cloud-based system and a project management app allows you to converse and deal with home renovators, tradies and anyone else involved in the project in an easy and tech friendly way.

Sharing Information

Home builders are often sharing quite a lot of information between their staff members, contractors and clients. Everything from plans and reports through to quotes and invoices can be shared using a project management app and cloud-based storage systems. In knowmybuild it is as easy as starting a conversation with a contractor or sending a payment reminder to a client. With cloud-based systems, it is as simple as sending a link via email for the recipient to download. These systems give you a method to track who has received the information and when it was sent, so nothing is ever truly lost.

Future Proofing

A big benefit of utilising cloud-based systems and project management apps is that they are always being developed and improved upon which allows you to keep up with technology. It allows you to future proof your business in that you won’t have to constantly be purchasing and learning new products to keep up with changes in technology.

When you need a good project management software, knowmybuild is fast becoming the top choice between home builders, tradies and owner builders and many are starting to utilise cloud-based software systems to get their admin under control. With the ability to connect you to your client and contractors quickly, keep everyone up to date, and share data easily, now is the time to look for a better way to run your business.

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