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Lose the Paperwork – Not the Information

One of the most time-consuming parts of your home build or renovation is keeping track of all your paperwork including contracts, plans and project timelines. Add onto that there’s emails to read, payments to keep an eye on, budgets to track – it’s just exhausting, and you’ll spend more time than you planned to keep everything in order. 

There are plenty of project management apps and software out there that can be utilised in a home build or renovation, but many of these are geared towards the corporate sector, and don’t always work for the home builders and renovators. 

Something many find difficult throughout the build or renovation process is being organised, and this leads to stress, complications and wanting to throw in the towel – even if you don’t have a roof on your new home! 

So how can you stay organised, keep your paperwork in one place and be across any communication between your builder, tradespeople and yourself?

Use Email

So often we now use text messaging or social media messaging to stay in touch with people instantly, but it is far too easy to lose messages and not be able to find them again when you need them. But, if your inbox is packed and you just can’t keep up with everything coming in, this may not be the best way to go.

For when you do need to use email, you might consider setting up a new email address solely for your home renovation or build to ensure everything stays together and can be found when you need it. Once your project is finished, you can either keep the email address for as long as you need to or set up a folder in your regular email address to keep the important information for future needs. 


An online or physical diary is up to you – we know that diaries are one of the best ways to keep on top of things. Having a construction or renovation only diary can be a great way to plan out project meetings. However, it can be a clunky way to monitor payments, or when you should be hitting certain milestones during the build process.

Folder of Plans

Any home build or renovation has pages and pages of plans involved, and these are something you really don’t want to misplace. Keeping them all together in a folder that is easily stored and can easily be grabbed when needed is a great way to keep everything in the one place – as long as you remember to put those plans back when you finish. 

The Digital Alternative

But while these three things will assist in keeping you organised, they don’t really contribute to having everything in one place at your fingertips wherever you are. They still require management and they can certainly still get lost (no matter how careful you are). This is the reason why so many homeowners, tradespeople and builders are turning to a construction management app to keep everything in one place and accessible. 

KnowMyBuild is an affordable construction management app that helps you stay in touch with everyone working on your build or renovation, keep your budgets and building or reno plans in one place, and be reminded when payments are due. You can also chat to everyone working on your project in real time – there’s no need to play phone tag and miss a potentially important call that puts back your timeline. 

Organisation not your strong point?  If your home build or reno needs an easy to follow and easy to access project management tool that allows you to keep on top of productivity, KnowMyBuild is the construction management app you need.