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Socially Distanced Construction

With the whirlwind that has been 2020, every industry and country around the world has been impacted in some way. Thankfully, construction is primarily seen as an essential service that has continued with changes, but overall minimal interruption. 


With social distancing guidelines in place around the globe, the changes in construction are felt most prominently in the builder/client relationship. Things like site visits, material selections, walkthroughs and more have all had to change to work around socially distanced principles. We’re grateful that our humble app has been of such service during these times. 


When builders, trades and clients are required to minimise contact, it’s a technology that steps up to fill that gap. Construction Project Management tools like Know My Build are keeping homeowners in the know, and saving time and resources for builders who would otherwise be forced to split their time between their work, and client engagement. 


Technologies like Project Management Apps mean that when information is updated, it’s updated and visible for all involved. No more double handling. No more lengthy emails and phone discussions around foundational details like milestones. No more having to coordinate site visits for progress updates. Everybody wins. 


With features that include:


  • Templates: Pre-made projects
  • File management: All your documents in the one place
  • Connection and collaboration: In-app chat with your team
  • Project milestones: Time and financial tracking


Everything both parties need is all in the one place. 


Socially Distanced Construction Project Management for Builders


As a builder, you can ensure your team and sites are kept safe at work without having to worry about the challenges of additional people on-site. The risk of downtime is lowered by monitoring access, and efficiencies are maintained through continued accessibility for your team. 


The Know My Build project management app allows you the freedom to record video walkthroughs, document progress and communicate with your clients in a time frame that works for you and your team. By uploading all project-related files to the app, your clients are updated in real-time. This also allows for prompt approval and signoff, allowing you to keep the job moving. Even in the midst of socially distanced construction practises that may have limited the amount of people you’re allowed on-site at any one time. 


Socially Distanced Construction Project Management for Homeowners


As a homeowner, you need to be aware of, and feel in control of your project progression. Even when you can’t physically be on site. 


With the Know My Build app, there’s no reason why you need to feel out of the loop. No reason why you can’t have regular progress updates from your build team. No reason for things to fall off schedule due to needing your approval. 


Our construction project management app thrives in this socially distanced environment. We’ve designed each feature to help you be more in control of the project.


Time and financial milestones are the cornerstone of your home construction project. Everything else is built around, or is an element of these. They’re prominent, easy to access and easily updated as your build moves towards completion. 


Having images, plans and other files all in one place is another element that means everything you need is easily accessible. It’s clear when something is missing because you don’t have to look hard to find it. And if you do have questions about an element of your build that’s not going as expected – you can connect with your build team right in the app as well. Talk about simple! 


To experience it for yourself, download the Know My Build app free now on Android or IOS. You’ll get a 7-day trial, and then be able to subscribe for less than a cup of coffee every month. 


We’ll see you in the app!