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Top 3 Best Apps for Home Builders, Contractors and Trades

Top 3 Best Apps for Home Builders, Contractors and Trades

When it comes to home renovations and builds, there is always so much going on that it can become easy to lose track of where you are meant to be, appointments you have, and what staff members are going where. It is also extremely easy to fall behind on your project timeline, and once that happens it can be difficult to catch up. 

There are a plethora of task management and project management apps for the home builder or tradie on the market, but to ensure you are completely covered for your day to day activities, there are a couple of really great apps that you could look to implement in your business or throughout your home build project. 


Safety inspections are part of every construction job, whether a full build or a renovation. iAuditor provides businesses with an inspection software that helps to meet the safety and quality standards of every project completed. The system allows for paper checklists to be converted into smart inspection forms, while customised forms can be easily created on the spot. 

Two great features of the iAuditor app is the ability to create a corrective action in real time for any issues that need to be attended to. You can assign the task to a particular tradesperson and set the due date and time for the task to be completed. The other great function is the ability to share reports instantly with homeowners and other parties. 


As a contractor or tradesperson, when you are managing multiple staff members, you need a quality fleet management system that allows you to manage and track where your staff are. Whatever industry you are in, an app like Fleetio allows you to see how far away your staff are from a job, send them to a new job, or manage their task list for the day. 

This is a great way to stay on top of your workload and give your clients accurate details of when the tradesperson doing their landscaping or bathroom tiling will be arriving.  


knowmybuild is the project management app you need whether you are a home builder or running your own construction company. The app helps you control your projects simple, allowing you to maintain productivity, keep up-to-date with payments due and made, monitor the projects budget, share progress between client and builder and keep records of communication between all parties. 

Whatever your role within the project, knowmybuild helps. As a home-builder, it can help you manage contractors and tradespeople, for builders and tradespeople it can help you manage your projects and communicate easily with clients, and for companies, it provides an easy to use and simple to manage project management software.  

Home renovations and home builds can be stressful for all involved. Whether you are a home builder, a tradesperson or a construction company owner, having simple and easy to use tools at hand, will make your jobs a lot easier.

To download knowmybuild for free today, click here.