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Top 3 Software for Home Builders, Contractors and Trades

What Are The Top 3 Software Options for Home Builders, Contractors and Trades?


Running a home building company or trade business means you’ve got a lot of balls in the air. Tradies are on the road a lot, speak to a lot of people and often have paperwork and project details spread across multiple channels. 

We’ve put together our vote for the Top 3 Software options to help home builders and trades manage their business, save time and money, and get on with the more important things in business and in life.


Number three software for tradies is Google Maps.

The nature of being a home builder or tradie is that you’re on the move. You’re between job sites, client meetings, suppliers and partners locations all day every day. 

Google maps is going to be your best friend in ensuring you get to the right place at the right time. Google maps has the best reviews of all map software, offers real time traffic updates that can save precious time (especially if you’re working in the city) and is also supported by GPS allowing you to still use maps if you’re out of range. 

The other great thing about Google maps is that it can show you the best places close by for lunch while you’re out on site, and where to get petrol on the way home.  


Number two software for tradies Xero

Xero is easy to use accounting software that seamlessly links with bank feeds and payment methods. It offers invoicing, reminders, payroll and connects to hundreds of other apps and other features. Xero also gives you real time financial data that can help you streamline business processes and visually see what’s coming in and going out for the month. 

For home builders and trades, having the birds eye view of your business, as well as automatic invoice reminders offers peace of mind and saves both time and money in processing accounts.


The number one software for tradies is of course, the knowmybuild app

The knowmybuild app provides home builders, tradies and clients with an easy to use platform for managing budgets, timelines, images, files and communication. The best part? The projects can be shared with all involved, and each party can access the details of the construction project and contribute as relevant and required. 

The knowmybuild app allows each party to know the project plan and agreed budget, keep track of payments, chat in real time and get speedy responses to questions, and keep track of the construction project progress – all from the one place, on your phone. 

To download the free app click here.