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What to Look for in a Construction Management App

With life busy and keeping track of all the paperwork involved in jobs becoming more difficult, construction management apps are becoming more and more popular with contractors and builders. Covering everything from accounting and project management through to live chat, a good app has the functions that make each job a whole lot easier to manage. 

You may have already spent some time looking at construction management apps and other software, and are trying to decide what functions and features are important and what you can do away with. Like most apps, there will be features that you simply don’t need. 

Contractors tend to use contractor software for a few reasons including relationship management, budgets, accounting, project management, document management, reports and so much more. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most useful features and functions to keep an eye out for when browsing for a project management app or software to use. 

Relationship management

Relationship management features allow contractors to enter the details of their clients and their projects, attach documents, communicate with a team and generally keep everything to do with a project in one place. Often, they will allow for scheduling of milestones and payments, as well as, track progress and communication. Relationship management is an essential function for every construction management app and if the on you are looking at doesn’t have one, it is probably best to look elsewhere. 

Accounting Features

How many times has a client asked you when their next bill is due, and you’ve had to tell them you’ll get back to them? It’s not a good look, and often you’ll forget to get back to them.  But some construction management apps come with accounting, budgeting and financial features that allow you to automatically look at when bills are due, view reminders, update details, and ensure you are on track with the budget. 


When working on a home build or renovation, scheduling is key to staying on track. One day you may need something simple like finding out where your contractors are, while other days you could be assigning contractors to new jobs and giving them a priority. A construction management app that everyone can access and see where they are meant to be and what they are meant to be doing saves time in phone calls, messages and emails – particularly if there are last minute changes due to the weather or delays in materials. 

Document Management

One of the most time consuming, and stressful parts about building or renovating is the amount of documentation that you need to keep track of – financials, scheduled tasks, purchase orders, permits, designs, proposals and so much more. You might easily be able to keep these in a folder on your tablet, but they aren’t very easy to share, and every time someone wants to access one of these documents, they will need to be in contact with you, wasting time you could have spent doing something a lot more productive. 

This is why construction management apps with document management and storage functions are high on the list, particularly those that allow you to share the documents with the relevant parties. 

KnowMyBuild is fast becoming one of the most popular construction management apps for builders, contractors and homeowners to use during a home build or renovation. Whether you have one project or ten on the go, you won’t be losing important documents, correspondence and contact details.   

Construction management software and apps can really take the stress and hassle out of your next project. Take the time to do your research, and reap the benefits of a project that runs smoother.